Mike Blackburn is a multifaceted recording engineer and record producer. He’s spent the better part of 20 years playing, recording, listening, and talking about playing, recording, and listening to rock and roll.

He grew up playing jazz guitar, then spent a decade in different bands you haven’t heard of playing 3-band-a-night shows in Portland, New York, and Seattle.

Mike has helped build a fair amount of different studios, He first met Justin Phelps and Jordan Richter when Cloud City Sound was started in the Super Digital building in the Pearl District. Then, he took a two year stint in Brooklyn, NY with Jordan Richter starting a new studio with a little help from Eric Amble (Joan Jett and the Black Hearts).

After dropping all the names he could think of, (see artist list) he moved to Seattle to work with some old friends and ended up making a record with Jackson Hang Glider at Elliott Bay Recording. Mike engineered for a few artists out of Elliott Bay Recording during this time. While making Shiny and Jangly with Jackson Hang Glider, The Hallowed Halls Studios became a reality and Mike moved back to Portland to wire the studio and to continue hitting 3 (recording) for some amazing artists.

He considers himself lucky to be involved in a thriving music community in the Pacific Northwest and looks forward to making more music with friends old and new.


Jackson Hang Glider
Bad Sex
Logan Lynn
The Lower 48
Soul Psych
Le Butcherettes
Yür Daddy
Wil Kinky
Gil Assayas
Modest Mouse
Agents of Ecco
Robbie Laws
Creature Double Feature
Madison Crawford
Todd Roper (Cake)
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Hot Tub Fantasy
Isaac Castillo
Double Dip
Mike Apodaca (World’s Finest)
Lynyrd Nimoy
Wild War
Happy Fangs
Runaway Rocket
Dan Cosley
Michael Partington
Salo Panto
The Good Sons
Al Carter
Jimi Jazz Prescott (G Love and Special Sauce)
Pink Slip
Cut 45
Maggie Tweedy
Mackenzie Rogers
Adam Jackson (Ciara)
Scars on 45
Chateau Marmont
LT Page


Fat Kitten –  Goodbye To Something (Single)  (Mixing Engineer)
B-Side Book Club  –  Debut EP  –  (Recording / Mixing Engineer)
Jaskaran – Sings Glorious Praises – (Recording / Mixing Engineer)
The Pitchfork Revolution  –     (Recording Engineer)
Nathan Asher  –  Last Christmas George Michael Died   (Music written and produced / Recording / Mixing Engineer)
Mika Moon Musical Messenger –  Debut Album (Recording Engineer)
Desember Sun – Single (Recording Engineer)
Claudia Cuentes –   (Recording Engineer)
Kat Macmillan – Single (Recording Engineer)
The Hill Dogs   –     (Additional Recording)
Rejuv At Work  –  (Voice Over Recording Engineer)
Jaime Karp  –  (Recording Engineer)
Nicole Rose  –  Love Is Dead (single)  (Produced, Recording / Mixing Engineer)
Sleepwalker  –  EP  (Additional Recording)
Ukeladies  – Steve Knight –  Sail Away (single)  (Additional Recording)


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