Joe Anderson has been involved in performing and producing music for the better part of the last decade. Coming up in the South Bay Area’s vibrant hardcore and metal scene developed his proclivity towards loud, aggressive, and heavy styles of music.

Joe is responsible for managing and educating our staff of interns, maintaining the Hallowed Halls supply chain, and handling bookings.

Additionally, Joe is a talented and professional producer and engineer. With experience on projects ranging from lo-fi hip hop to progressive death metal, he approaches every session with a nuanced attention to detail and a passion for crafting and materializing the vision of the artists he works with.

He has done work for artists such as Gossip, Black Force Energy, Spencer Krug, Hi Tone Son of a Bitch, Super Sonic Explosionizer, Chronic Illness, Ben Raw, Tulpas, Vulpine Slips, Mr. Beautiful, and more.

Joe is available to serve and assist you at any point in your creative process, including Production and Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Live Sound Engineering.


Sleater Kinney –  Live at The Hallowed Halls EP (Assistant Recording Engineer)
MasterClass – Voice Over (Recording Engineer)
Kat Hamilton  –  Recovery Songs   (Assistant Recording Engineer)
Jorja Smith – Session at The Hallowed Halls  (Assistant Recording Engineer)
Nick Murphy – Session at The Hallowed Halls (Recording Engineer)
Paul Gilbert  –  KONTRA Theme Song (Guitar Recording Engineer)
Paul Gilbert  –  Under The Sea (Guitar Cover)  (Guitar Recording Engineer)
Nahko  –   My Name Is Bear  (Trumpet/Flugel Horn Recording Engineer)
Sallie Ford –  Ford Truck Commercial (Recording Engineer)
Hanuman Project  –  Live at The Hallowed Halls (Recording Engineer)
Max Ribner – Live at The Hallowed Halls (Assistant Recording Engineer)
Worth  –  Pardon Me (Additional Recording)
1000 Fuegos   –  30503    (Recording Engineer)
Brother Not Brother  –  Ebs and Flows (Single)  (Mixing Engineer)
Danielle Slay –  Religion (Single)  (Vocal Recording / Mixing Engineer)

Fat Kitten –  Goodbye To Something (Single)  (Mixing Engineer)
B-Side Book Club  –  Debut EP  –  (Recording / Mixing Engineer)
Jaskaran – Sings Glorious Praises – (Recording / Mixing Engineer)
The Pitchfork Revolution  –     (Recording Engineer)
Nathan Asher  –  Last Christmas George Michael Died   (Music written and produced / Recording / Mixing Engineer)
Mika Moon Musical Messenger –  Debut Album (Recording Engineer)
Desember Sun – Single (Recording Engineer)
Claudia Cuentes –   (Recording Engineer)
Kat Macmillan – Single (Recording Engineer)
The Hill Dogs   –     (Additional Recording)
Rejuv At Work  –  (Voice Over Recording Engineer)
Jaime Karp  –  (Recording Engineer)
Nicole Rose  –  Love Is Dead (single)  (Produced, Recording / Mixing Engineer)
Sleepwalker  –  EP  (Additional Recording)
Ukeladies  – Steve Knight –  Sail Away (single)  (Additional Recording)


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