The Hallowed Halls: Recording Studios and Event Space. Portland, OR

Portland's premier recording studio and event space, located in an elegant 100 year old library building.

Portland's premier recording studio and event space, located in an elegant 100 year old library building. 4420 SE 64th Ave. Portland, OR 97206

Professional Recording Studio Available for Booking

Recording artists who need a professional recording studio to do their magic, are welcome at The Hallowed Halls. Whether you’re a solo artist or recording an album with your band, we have excellent recording spaces for you to use. You need a place to record that provides great acoustics, so you can achieve the perfect sound. We have nearly every piece of recording equipment you might need to complete a quality recording project. Instruments and amps are available upon request and so are our in-house engineers who possess vast knowledge and experience in recording studios. Get your recording project started today!

Unique Recording Studios at The Hallowed Halls

When you book one of our recording spaces, you can expect access to the latest recording technology. We have fully-equipped studios to make your recording experience as streamlined and smooth as possible. Whether you need recorders, speakers or microphones, we have the tools you need to carry out your work. Our professional recording studios come ready with high-grade recording consoles and mixers for your studio engineers.

Our unique recording studio makes it feasible to record with your own audio engineer, although we ask that our in-house engineers accompany you for the first four hours. Otherwise, we have engineers available for hire who each charge their own rates. Using our recording studio is much easier with someone who knows the ropes. That way you can focus on producing vocals, playing tunes and making all around awesome music.

We aim to make our recording studio a private and versatile space to create the audio productions that you want. In addition to our array of studio equipment, we have instruments for you to use when requested. We have grand pianos, guitars and amps among other instruments and accessories. The unique recording studios at The Hallowed Halls off you the ideal recording space to make your vision a reality. With the backdrop that is our historic building, you will have plenty of inspiration to draw from while you develop your recordings.

Contact Us for Recording Rates

The Hallowed Halls is the best place to record a single, album or audio files for any type of project. The staff at our professional recording studio have your back with everything you need to jam out and record your compositions. Get in touch to inquire about our recording space rates and ask our staff any questions before you get started. Call us today at 503-459-3294 to book some time in our unique recording studio.