The Hallowed Halls: Recording Studios and Event Space. Portland, OR

Portland's premier recording studio and event space, located in an elegant 100 year old library building.

Portland's premier recording studio and event space, located in an elegant 100 year old library building. 4420 SE 64th Ave. Portland, OR 97206

Billy Anderson

Selected Discography

(Key: E = Engineered, M = Mixed, P = Produced, AE = Assistant Engineered)

1000mods Super Van Vacation P

7 Year Bitch Gato Negro E / M / P

The Accused The Curse of Martha Splatterhead E

Acid King Acid King III E / P

Acid King The Father, the Son, and the Holy Smoke E / P

Acid King Busse Woods E

Acid King Down with the Crown E / P

Acid King Zoroaster E

Agalloch The Serpent and the Sphere E / M / P

Alabama Thunderpussy Staring at the Divine E / M / P

Aldebaran Embracing the Lightless Depths E / M

Altamont Civil War Fantasy E

Altamont Wanted Dead or Alive P

Alternative Tentacles Virus 100 E

Amenra Mass V E / M

Årabrot Revenge E / M

Asva Futurists Against the Ocean E

Augurs Old Ways E

Bell Witch Mirror Reaper E / M

Blood Ceremony Blood Ceremony M

Broken Flowers Music from Broken Flowers M / P

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth Brothers of the Sonic Cloth M

Brutal Truth Sounds of the Animal Kingdom E / M

Brutal Truth Kill Trend Suicide E / P

Buzzov*en Welcome to Violence P

Buzzov*en …At a Loss E / P

Buzzov*en Sore E / P

Buzzov*en Frown E / P

Castle Blacklands E

Castle Under Siege E

Catherdral Endtyme P

Cattle Decapitation The Harvest Floor M / P

Cattle Decapitation Karma.Bloody.Karma P

Clutch Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes & Undeniable Truths E / AE

Condemned? Condemned 2 Death E / P

Consolidated Warning: Explicit Lyrics E

Consolidated Play More Music E

Converge Deeper the Wound P

Cormorant Metazoa E

Crisis Like Sheep to the Slaughter E / M / P

Damad Burning Cold E / P

Dead to a Dying World Litany E

Dragged into Sunlight Hatred for Mankind P

Dukatalon Saved by Fear M / P

Earache Masters of Misery (Black Sabbath: The Earache Tribute) P

Eight Bells Landless E / P

Eyehategod Eyehategod E

Eyehategod Dopesick E / M / P

Fantômas Fantômas E

Giant Squid Metridium Fields E

Graves at Sea Graves at Sea / Sourvein E

Helios Creed Lactating Purple E

High on Fire The Art of Self Defense P

High on Fire Surrounded by Thieves E / P

Hull Beyond the Lightless Sky M

I Exist II: The Broken Passage M / P

Infernal Coil Bodies Set in Ashen Earth E

Iron Tongue The Dogs Have Barked, The Birds Have Flown E

J Church Nostalgic for Nothing E

J Church The Procession of Simulacra/Map Precedes Territory E

J Church Camels, Spilled Corona and the Sound of Mariachi Bands E

Jawbreaker Etc. E / P

Jawbreaker 24 Hour Revenge Therapy E / M

Jawbreaker Bivouac E / P

Kiss It Goodbye She Loves Me She Loves Me Not E / P

Leviathan Scar Sighted E / P

Los Natas Cosario Negro E / P

Melvins Houdini E / M

Men of Porn Wine, Women, and Song E / M / P

Mr. Bungle Disco Volante E / M

Mr. Bungle California E

Neurosis Through Silver in Blood E / P

Neurosis Enemy of the Sun E / M

Obelyskkh White Lightnin’ E / M

Om Conference of the Birds P

Om Vacations on a Theme E / P

Orange Goblin Orange Goblin E / M / P

Orange Goblin Thrives from the House of God E / M / P

Orange Goblin The Big Black E / P

Pallbearer Foundations of Burden E / P

Primordial The Gathering Wilderness E / M

Ratos de Porão Carniceria Tropical E / M / P

Ramesses Misanthropic Alchemy E

Ramesses We Will Lead You to Glorious Times M

Ruiner Cobalt Volcano M

Samara Whispers of the Undying E / M / P

Samiam Billy AE

Saros Acrid Planes M / P

Saviours Palace of Vision E

Secret Chiefs 3 First Grand Constitution and Bylaws E / M

Sick of It All Scratch the Surface M / P

Skarp Requiem E / P

The Skull For Those Which Are Asleep E

Sleep Sleep’s Holy Mountain E / P

Sleep Volume One E / P

Sleep Jerusalem E / P

Sleep Dopesmoker E / P

Sons of Otis X E / M / P

Sourvein Will to Mangle E / M / P

Spit Boy Spit Boy E / P

Steve Von Till As the Crow Flies AE

Suma Let the Churches Burn E

Suma Ashes E

Swans Soundtracks for the Blind E / M

¡TchKung! Post World Handbook E / M / P

Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine Rampton P

Unsane Occupational Hazard E

Unsane Sick E

Varego Epoch M

Varego Blindness of the Sun M

Varedo Tumultum M

Weedeater Sixteen Tons P

Witch Mountain Mobile of Angels E

Witch Mountain Cauldron of the Wild E / P

Wounded Giant Vae Victis E / M / P

Year of the Cobra Burn Your Dead E / M / P

And Many More...