The Hallowed Halls

Portland's premier recording studio and event space, located in an elegant 100 year old library building.

Portland's premier recording studio and event space, located in an elegant 100 year old library building. 4420 SE 64th Ave. Portland, OR 97206

Justin Phelps


Leftover Salmon     Aquatic Hitchhiker     Latin One Stop     Recorded/Mixed

March Fourth Marching Band     Magnificent Beast      Recorded/Mixed

Amanda Palmer     Who Killed Amanda Palmer    Roadrunner  Recorded/Mixed

Dead Kennedys     Live at the Def Club     Manifesto     Mixed

Poison Idea     2016 EP     American Leather     Recorded/Mixed

Poison Idea     Company Party  Voodoo Doughnut     Recorded/Mixed

Poison Idea  Triple Chocolate Penetration/Hypnopic  Voodoo Doughnut   Mixed

Poison Idea  Deep Sleep (live)   Southern Lord       Recored/Mixed

Fruition    Labor Of Love  Ramdm  Recorded/Mixed

Fruition    Holehearted Fools  Ramdm  Recorded/Mixed

Fruition   Just One of Them Nights  Mixed/Additional Recording

Shook Twins    Forthcoming LP     Recorded/Mixed

Cake  Prolonging the Magic  Capricorn  Recorded

Emily Wells  Mama Acoustic Recordings  Partisan  Mixed

The Mars Volta  Bedlam in Goliath   Universal   Recorded

Lynx   Light Up Your Lantern  Mixed/Additional Recording

Lynx and the Servants of Song       Forthcoming LP       Recorded/Mixed

Rena Jones    Echoes    Cartisian Binary  Mixed/Additional Recording

Hilldogs       Forthcoming LP    Recorded

Worth  Six Foot Soul  Recorded/Mixed

Worth  Two  Recorded/Mixed

Worth    Forthcoming LP    Recorded

The Neville Brothers   The Heart and Soul of New Orleans Live  Recorded

World’s Finest   Headwaters  Recorded/Mixed

World’s Finest     Forthcoming EP    Recorded/Mixed

Roseland Hunters  This Time     Recorded/Mixed

The Bonepickers     Strollin’Recorded/Mixed

The Thornes  Demolition  Volume Bomb     Recorded/Mixed/Produced

The Thornes  Meat the Thornes  Volume Bomb  Recorded/Mixed/Produced

The Thornes     Forthcoming AlbumVolume Bomb  Recroded/Mixed/Produced

42 Ford Prefect  Call Of The Dive   Volume Bomb  Recorded/Mixed

42 Ford Prefect     Lab Disasters and Death Cults     Volume Bomb     Recorded/Mixed

Crow In The Canyon  Leaving Soon  Recorded

Left Coast Country  Pines Fly By  Recorded/Mixed

Dresden Dolls    Moon Over Marin  Roadrunner  Recored/Mixed/Produced

Jolie Holland     Springtime Can Kill You  ANTI  Recorded/Mixed

Jolie Holland     Pure Imagination  Nettwerk  Recorded/Mixed

Jolie Holland     Like a Fox in it’s Hole  Soundtrack    Recorded/Mixed

Jolie Holland     You Painted Yourself In     Soundtrack     Recorded/Mixed

Chuck Prophet     No Other Love     New West     Recorded/Mixed

Chuck Prophet     Lucinda Williams Compilation     Starbucks    Recorded/Mixed

Chuck Prophet     Age of Miracles       New West    Recorded

Chuck Prophet     Hurting Business     Hi Tone     2nd Engineer

Joe Satriani     Strange and Beautiful Music  Sony     PT Editor/2nd Engineer

Joe Satriani     Is There Love in Space?     Sony  PT Editor/2nd Engineer

Joe Satriani     The Electric Joe Satriani  Epic  PT Editor/2nd Engineer

Mr Bungle    CaliforniaWarner BrothersRecorded

Atomic Ape   Swarm   Web Of Mimicry  Mixed

Atomic Ape   Rampage/Shaddow Waltz      Mixed

Secret Chiefs 3     Book MWeb of Mimicry   Recorded

Secret Chiefs 3     Book of Souls: Folio A  Web of Mimicry   Recorded

Orange Tulip Conspiracy     Self Titled   Web of Mimicry   Recorded/Mixed

Estradasphere     Buckfever  Web of Mimicry  Recorded

Estradasphere    Palace of Mirrors    The End Records    Mixed

Asher Fulero Band    Catching Air    Recorded/Mixed

John Lee     The Nature Series     Mixed

Slough Feg  Ape Uprising  Cruz Del Sur   Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Slough Feg  Hardworlder   Cruz Del Sur    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Slough Feg  Atavism   Cruz Del Sur   Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Slough Feg     Twilight of the Idols   Dragonheart    Recorded/Mixed

Slough Feg     Down Among the Deadmen   Dragonheart   Recorded/Mixed

Slough Feg  The Reissue   Miskatonic Foundation    Musician

Slough Feg     The Lord Weird Slough Feg    Beef Rock   Musician

Slough Feg  The Slaystack Grows    Shadow Kingdom  Musician

Dont      Away Away    Red Eyed Rabbit    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Dont     You Keep Cutting Through     Doomtown Sounds    Recorded/Mixed

Thanks  Blood Sounds  Additional Recording/Mixed

Tapwater   Too Dark To Blink  Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Y La Bamba  Court the Storm  Tender Loving Empire  Recorded

Bike Thief  Stuck In A Dream   Recorded/Mixed

Belinda Underwood  Look to the Skies  Recorded/Mixed

Josiah Payne  Musica Humana  Recorded/Mixed

Wildwood     Wildwood   Recorded/Mixed

Dark Country    Dark Country  Gunner  Recorded/Mixed

Blind Willies      Needle, Feather, and a Rope  Diggory   Mixed

Blind Willies      Every Day Is Judgement Day  Diggory   Recorded/Mixed

Just People       Monolith     Hotchops    Recorded/Mixed

Just People    Light/Weight    Recorded/Mixed

Just People      Iron Love video series   Recorded/Mixed

Halsted    Life Underwater    Ashbury Records    Mixed

Halsted    Highwire and a Heart of Gold    Ashbury Records    Mixed

John Craig and the Weekend    Numbers  Loophole  Recorded/MIxed/Produced

John Craig  Umlaut  Loophole  Mixed

John Craig  Broken Branches  Loophole  Mixed

Search Party   Deturn   Loophole  Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Patina      Sugar for the Salty Seas    Recorded/Mixed

Patina      Arms Over Arms     Mixed

Loaded for Bear  A Following Sea  Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Celebrity Graves    Cant Get Away    Death On Drugs    Recorded/Mixed

Krista Herring    Lay It Down  Recorded/Mixed

Mars Retrieval Unit  Two Sides  Mixed

Dark Matter Transfer     An Infinite Constellation of Dreams  Mixed

Elliot Knapp     Cheap Seats at the Cartesian Theater    Recorded/Mixed

Elliot Knapp     Anadromous    Recorded/Mixed

Elliot Knapp     Paraprosdokian    Recorded/Mixed

Elliot Knapp     Argus    Recorded/Mixed

Elliot Knapp     Discoveries     Mixed

James Blonde    Stockton Rhythm     Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Willburn      Self Titled    RBL     Recorded/Mixed

Michael Tobias      High & Low      Mixed

The Struts      Boy Cant Dance     Bunker Hill     Recorded/Mixed

Starry Saints    Self Titled  Comet Rock  Mixed

Fallon Bowman    Human,Conditional     Mixed

Cousin Chris     Moon Paper  Mixed

Sean Hayes     Flowering Spade  Ambient Egg  Recorded/Mixed

Omar Sosa     Prietos  Ota  Recorded/Mixed

Garaj Mahal    Mondo Garaj  Harmonized  Recorded/Mixed

Smash Mouth    Do It Again  Soundtrack  Recorded

Galactic      Crazyhorse Mongoose    Capricorn     Mixed

Bob Weir and Ratdog     Evening Moods    Arista    PT Editor/2nd Engineer

Bear and Moose        Self Titled       Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Dredg       Lietmotif       Interscope  Mixed

Chris Isaak     Good Rockin’ Tonight     London/Sire   2nd Engineer

Ratpriest     Ratpriest     Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Eric McFaddenLet’s Die Forever…Together  Bad Reputation  Recorded/Mixed/Produced

JackpotShiny Things  Surf Dog  Recorded/Mixed

The Motherhips Kiss  The Cystal Flake  Camera Records  Mixed

Ziggy Modeliste  Mixed

Scapegoat Wax     Okeeblow  Grand Royal    Recorded

Papa Mali       Do Your Thing     Fog Town    Recorded

The Frail     Firefly    Tricycle      Recorded/Mixed

King Loses Crown     Self Titled     Recorded/Mixed

All Ages      What Do You Believe?       Shameless    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Emily Bezar     Four Walls Bending  Demivox       Recorded/Mixed

Emily Bezar       Exchange        Demivox      Recorded/Mixed

Bill Cutler       Crossing the Line     Magna Carta    Recorded

Song of the Siren    City Lights are Blinding You    Recorded/Mixed

Dolorata       Believer     Recorded

The Girlfriend Experience    When In Rome Do as the Lions    Heyday    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Big Blue Hearts       Here Come Those Dreams Again     Surf Dog   Recorded

Etienne de Rocher     Self Titled    Fog City      Recorded

The Love X Nowhere   Into the Fire  Red Gummy  Recorded/Mixed

The Love X Nowhere   High Score Blackout  Red Gummy  Recorded/Mixed

The Letter Why  Self Titled  Red Gummy  Recorded/Mixed

Amy B    A Fan of Tangerine  Strawberry Canyon  Recorded/Mixed

Gold Box Kingdom    Flowers     Strawberry Canyon  Recorded

Beulla     ABCs       Soundtrack    Recorded/Mixed

Norton Buffalo and Roy Rogers    Roots of our Nature    Blind Pig       Recorded

Birdmonster    Birdmonster      Recorded/Mixed

Kathleen Haskard    Don’t Tell    Howlin’ Hound    Recorded/Mixed

Michael Tobias    High and Low    Mixed

Terry Falini    Sun Under Me    Radio Star    Recorded

Loop!Station    Conversations with Water      Recorded/Mixed

Loop!Station    Balance on What       Recorded/Mixed

Loop!Station    Obey Your Signal    Recorded/Mixed

Loop!Station    Love vs. Love       Recorded/Mixed

The Blacks    Nom De Guerre    Bicycle    Recorded/mixed

The Blacks    Illumination Rounds    Recorded/Mixed

The Crosstops    The Ego That Ate the World    Rock Star    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

The Crosstops       Drinkin, Fightin, F*in and Truckin       Hotrod      Recorded/Mixed/Produced

The Crosstops    Truck and Disorderly     Rockstar Records     Recorded/Mixed/Produced

The Crosstops    Yuppie Killers    The Telegraph Co    Recorded/Mixed

Hotbox       Lickitysplit       The Telegraph Co    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Michael Joy       Float       Rivulet       Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Michael Joy    River of Days    Rivulet    Mixed

The Court and Spark    Hearts    Absolutely Kosher    Mixed

Tom Heyman     Deliver Me  Jack Pine  Social Club  Mixed

Tim Murphy    Aint No Shame    Big 7    Recorded

Sikiru Adepoju    Upcoming Release    Mixed

Naomi and the Courteous Rudeboys       Beautiful Beings      Recorded/Mixed

Tommy Castro     Right as Rain    Blind Pig    2nd Engineer

Ing    Stagger and Belligerence     Heyday      Recorded/Mixed

Tommy Thomsen    Western Jazz    Pueblo Recordings    Recorded/Mixed

MIRV  Dancing Naked in a Minefield     Poison Eye    Recorded

Spike 1000   Prime     Network    Recorded/Mixed

Kiss the Girl   Say Goodbye to the 20th Century      Recorded/Mixed

Kiss the Girl   Kiss the Girl      Recorded/Mixed

Tiny Monster Invasion     Tiny Monster Invasion  Neotard Expo  Recorded/Mixed

Valerie Jay and The Americanos  Pacific Time    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Broken Dolls  Brokendolls  Dollhouse  Recorded/Mixed

Broken Dolls  On Our Way to Destroy the World  Dollhouse  Recorded/Mixed

Jan White  Sonoma County Rose    Recorded/Mixed

Rubberside Down  American Romantic  V4  Recorded/Mixed

Rubberside Down  Zero Fighter  V4  Recorded

Delmag  Finishing Fall    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Sister Kissers    Sister Kissers    Disgraceland    Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Glittermini Nine    Kiss the Liberator      Recorded/Mixed

Glittermini Nine    Substitutions      Recorded/Mixed

Stu Hamm  Merry Axemas Vol. 2      Sony       2nd Engineer

Thin Acid Angel    Underneath Sixth Street      Recorded/Mixed

Skiptrace    Weather and Oil    Train Wreck    Recorded

Humbolt Squid    Self Titled    Ectoplanet    Mixed

Robert Pokorny    Coast      Recorded/Mixed

Mike Metz Band    El Dorado    Little Chicken    Recorded/Mixed

Rut Host    Live … Alone      Recorded/Mixed

Rut Host     Tweeker Woman      Recorded/Mixed

Guilding the Lily    Fruits of Apathy    Diablo Dulce    Mixed

Westport Sunrise Sessions     Westport Sunrise Sessions  Diablo Dulce  Mixed

Absent Society    Absent Society      Recorded/Mixed/Produced

Absent Society     The Plastic Parade    Recorded/Mixed

Pleasant Grove   The Art of Leaving  Badman     Mixed

Slender    Ya Hallo!      Recorded/Mixed/Produced

The Bellyachers    200 Lucky Feet Move the Dragon     Mixed

The Jimmys    Broken Town      Recorded/Mixed

Castles in Spain    Numbero Tres      Recorded/Mixed

Barry Syska     Barry Syska’s Fantasy Cravings      Mixed

Scorched Earth Policy    Insurrection 1998     Recorded/Mixed

Mechanizm     Meat for the Machine     Recorded/Mixed

Venus Bleeding     Nine Volt and Die   Recorded

Venus Bleeding     Fakelore Recorded/Mixed

Scott Sier     Heads Or Tails     Recorded

LaRivera    Late Bloomer    Mixed

LaRivera    Seer    Recorded/Mixed

The Vandies    The Vandies    Recorded/Mixed

Ragon Linde  Under The Covers  Mixed

Eric Herman  Bubble Wrap  Recorded/Mixed

LiquidLight  Uninitiated  Recorded/Mixed

Ian James  Forthcoming Album  Recorded/Mixed

The Latter-day Skanks  Neither Hymn Nor Her  Volume Bomb Recorded/Mixed

Lesser Bangs  Everyday Phantoms  Recorded/Mixed

The Edgies  The Edgies     Recorded/Mixed

Amanda Richards and the Good Long Whiles  Forthcoming Album  Recorded/Mixed

Vegetable Revival Project Forthcoming EP Recorded/Mixed

Cathartic  Cathartic  recorded/Mixed

Perfect Monster     Perfect Monster   Volume Bomb    Recorded/Mixed

The Misfortunes Of Mr Teal     Halfrack     Volume Bomb     Recorded/Mixed

World War Four     Remember My Name  Volume Bomb     Recorded/Mixed