The Hallowed Halls

Portland's premier recording studio and event space, located in an elegant 100 year old library building.

Portland's premier recording studio and event space, located in an elegant 100 year old library building. 4420 SE 64th Ave. Portland, OR 97206

Jordan Richter


My New World - The Epoxies - Engineer, Mixing

Pandelirium - The Legendary Shack Shakers (featuring The Revered Horton Heat and Jello Biafra) - Engineer, Mixing

Believe - The Legendary Shack Shakers - Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Guitar

This Generation - SONICFLOOd - Engineer

Straight Down Rain - Greg Trooper - Engineer, Mixing, Guitar 

Heart Of A Dog - Kasey Anderson and the Honkies - Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Origin Of Error - Eclisse- Engineer, Mixing     

Minor Keys - Young Elk - Engineer, Mixing

Regret Over the Wires - Matthew Ryan - Engineer

For the Kids [Nettwerk] compilation - Sixpence None The Richer - Engineer, Mixing

The Nashville Album - Big Country - Engineering, Mixing

The Jesus Record - Rich Mullins - Engineer

Canticle of the Plains - Featuring Rich Mullins, DC Talk, Sixpence None The Richer - Engineer

(Upcoming LP) - Resistor (featuring Jake Slichter of Semitonic) - Guitar, Mixing

(Upcoming LP) - The Suicide Notes - Engineer, Mixing

Fight Right - Natural Remedy - Engineer, Produce,  Mixing

Failure Looks So Good - The Wanteds - Producer, Engineer, Mixing


The Somnific Affair - Ley Lines (Featuring members of Cage The Elephant) - Mixing

Solace for the Lonely – Robinella - Engineer

Done Moved On - Chris Casello - Engineer


Honky Tonk Fools - Gin Palace Jesters - Engineer

Beautiful - Ginny Owens - Engineer

Carried Me: The Worship Project - Jeremy Camp - Engineer

American Dreams - Regie Hamm - Engineer, Mixing

City on a Hill: The Collection (Featuring Jars Of Clay, Andrew Peterson) - Engineer

Cockadoodledon't [Bonus Track] - The Legendary Shack Shakers - Mixing, Mastering

Blueprint - Ginny Owens - Engineer

Emperor's New Band - This Train - Engineer, Mixing, Remixing, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Baritone), Digital Editing, Shouts, Effects, Composer

Mimes Of The Old West - This Train - Engineer, Multi Instruments, Composer

The World Will Follow - Andi Starr - Engineer, Guitar (Electric), Strings, Drum Loop, Additional Production, Mixing

One [Sony] (featuring Aaron Neville) - Engineer

Broke and Famous - Suburban Anthem (featuring members of The Slants) - Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Songwriting


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